Apartment Geofencing

Target prospects when they visit competitors, or common points of interest.

Why you should invest in Geofencing

  • You want to strengthen your community's brand
  • You are struggling to build brand awareness in other channels without wasting budget
  • You understand your renter persona very well

Why you shouldn’t invest in Geofencing

  • You are on a super tight budget
  • Your primary goal is lead generation (as opposed to brand awareness)
  • Your property is small, and brand awareness isn't as important to you

Your Commitments

Send Geofence Details

Once you decide on a strategy for the campaign, we'll need details on the geofences you want to target such as the name and address of each location.

Banner Ads

Whether you're sending us banner ads or we're designing them for you, we'll need to square off the creative to get your campaign live.


Once you go live, we make changes to your creative or geofences based on how many walk-ins were generated.


Curious if geofencing can work for your properties?

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